CaLiGraph v1.0

CaLiGraph is a large semantic knowledge graph with a rich ontology compiled from the DBpedia ontology and Wikipedia categories & list pages. The ontology is enriched with fine-grained value restrictions on its classes that are learned through the Cat2Ax approach. A large amount of CaLiGraph's resources are extracted from Wikipedia list pages through a combination of the ontological information with machine learning methods.

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How deep is your graph?

CaLiGraph has a rich ontology with more than 750,000 classes and 200,000 restrictions. Additionally, it contains information about 7,200,000 instances.

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.. and how to use them

We provide you with all the data that you need to use CaLiGraph. Furthermore, we point you to the research publications that explain how the graph is created.

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CaLiGraph v1.0 Release

The first version of CaLiGraph is released and the website is launched.

On October 29, 2019 the paper Uncovering the Semantics of Wikipedia Categories, which describes the foundations used for the extraction of CaLiGraph, is presented at the International Semantic Web Conference.