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  • United States
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  • United States
  • $
  • 1
  • 52
  • AUS
  • American Art
  • Americans
  • Americas
  • Atlantic
  • British
  • Coast Guard
  • Constitution
  • English
  • France
  • Hispanic American
  • Illinois
  • MEX
  • Malaysia
  • National
  • Navy
  • North
  • Northeast
  • President
  • Senate
  • Spanish
  • U
  • U.S.
  • U.S. Senate
  • USA
  • Ukrainian
  • Union
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Washington
  • country
  • domestic
  • federal
  • government
  • state
  • the country's
  • union
  • American
  • Anglo
  • California
  • Congress
  • Country
  • Federal
  • Federal Government
  • MP
  • Republic
  • Secretary of Defense
  • The United States
  • Western
  • nation
  • national
  • the United States
  • the country
  • American nation
  • Continental
  • Euro-Atlantic
  • Senator
  • US
  • United States Army
  • United States of America
  • continental
  • federal government
  • pro-American
  • the Union
  • America
  • American economist
  • American government
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Federal government
  • Patriots
  • The Union
  • colonial
  • pro-Union
  • the U.S.
  • African-American
  • American poet
  • Civil War
  • Democratic
  • Team USA
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • names
  • ''Billboard'' 200
  • American League
  • Hot 100
  • New
  • Treasury
  • U.S. Senator
  • US Hot Latin Songs
  • United
  • country's
  • homeland
  • nationwide
  • women's suffrage
  • American colonies
  • American revolutionaries
  • Americanness
  • Colonial America
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  • USD
  • American
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  • US
  • \"In God We Trust\"
  • \"New order of the ages\"
  • \"Out of many, one\"
  • \"Providence favors our undertakings\"
  • 4.66
  • 33.59088779319279
  • 331893745
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is owl:hasValue of
is clgo:countryWithFirstAstronaut of
is clgo:countryWithFirstSatellite of
is clgo:manufactory of
is clgo:countryWithFirstSatelliteLaunched of
is clgo:twinCountry of
is clgo:releaseLocation of
is clgo:assembly of
is clgo:award of
is clgo:battle of
is clgo:beatifiedPlace of
is clgo:billed of
is clgo:birthPlace of... and more
is clgo:bodyDiscovered of
is clgo:broadcastArea of... and more
is clgo:builder of
is clgo:campus of
is clgo:canonizedPlace of
is clgo:chairman of
is clgo:champion of
is clgo:citizenship of... and more
is clgo:city of... and more
is clgo:coach of
is clgo:commander of
is clgo:country of... and more
is clgo:countryOrigin of
is clgo:county of
is clgo:deathPlace of... and more
is clgo:director of
is clgo:division of
is clgo:education of
is clgo:educationSystem of
is clgo:ethnicGroup of
is clgo:field of
is clgo:foundationPlace of
is clgo:garrison of
is clgo:genre of
is clgo:headquarter of... and more
is clgo:highest of
is clgo:homeport of
is clgo:hometown of... and more
is clgo:honours of
is clgo:hubAirport of
is clgo:ideology of
is clgo:jurisdiction of
is clgo:keyPerson of
is clgo:knownFor of
is clgo:language of
is clgo:league of
is clgo:locatedInArea of... and more
is clgo:location of... and more
is clgo:locationCity of
is clgo:locationCountry of... and more
is clgo:majorShrine of
is clgo:manager of
is clgo:mouthMountain of... and more
is clgo:mouthPlace of... and more
is clgo:museum of
is clgo:namedAfter of
is clgo:narrator of
is clgo:nationality of... and more
is clgo:nearestCity of
is clgo:nonFictionSubject of
is clgo:notableWork of
is clgo:occupation of
is clgo:operator of
is clgo:origin of... and more
is clgo:patron of
is clgo:picture of
is clgo:place of
is clgo:placeOfBurial of
is clgo:populationPlace of... and more
is clgo:portrayer of
is clgo:premierePlace of
is clgo:presenter of
is clgo:product of
is clgo:race of
is clgo:recordedIn of
is clgo:region of
is clgo:regionServed of... and more
is clgo:related of
is clgo:residence of... and more
is clgo:restingPlace of... and more
is clgo:routeEnd of
is clgo:service of
is clgo:significantProject of
is clgo:spokenIn of... and more
is clgo:sportCountry of
is clgo:spouse of
is clgo:state of
is clgo:stateOfOrigin of... and more
is clgo:stylisticOrigin of
is clgo:subdivision of
is clgo:territory of
is clgo:trainer of
is clgo:twinTown of
is clgo:type of
is clgo:wineRegion of
is clgo:destination of
is clgo:fastestDriverCountry of
is clgo:firstAscentPerson of
is clgo:firstDriverCountry of
is clgo:secondDriverCountry of
is clgo:sportGoverningBody of
is clgo:thirdDriverCountry of
is clgo:usingCountry of